How it works

Impedance therapy is an electrophysiological potential therapy for back pain caused by underlying degenerative spine condition by an innovative method.

Specific electric
mpulse – SEI

Based on sweat conductivity measurements, we have created a specific electrical impulse – SEI, which stimulates individuals with vertebrogenic pain caused by degenerative spine conditions. We analyzed the responses of the organism to the applied SEI in a group of patients.

Requirements for SEI application:

the impulse is applied in bursts with positive and negative waves

there are time pauses during impulse application

there are amplitude changes during impulse application

the chemical composition of sweat changes during the application

a combination with dry needling (affecting the change in skin resistance)

Based on above-mentioned requirements for SEI application, we have defined an impulse sequence which allows us, while respecting the induction of PGR reflex, to favourably affect the pain in degenerative spine condition.

The analysis and subsequent synthesis of stimulation results allow us to develop a new treatment method – Impedance Therapy – which leads to the most effective elimination of vertebrogenic pain in a patient suffering from a degenerative spine condition.

Case studies

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